Circle of Friends Services is a non-profit Community Mental Health Center providing services in the home, school and clinic.

  • Poverty, child abuse and neglect, substance abuse, domestic violence - all create pain for families:

We are here to help heal that pain.

  • Families caught in the cycle of poverty, domestic violence and difficult life circumstances:

We are here to stop that cycle and help restore family stability.

  • All families caught in difficult life circumstances deserve a chance to get back to a level of family normalcy:

We are here to guide a troubled family back to normalcy.

We are a "Circle of Friends" to the children and families we serve.

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...doing the right thing for families

  • tambien trabajamos con la comunidad latina
  • we speak many languages
  • we respect all walks of life

We want to help you heal.

Circle of Friends Services Inc.

...doing the right thing for kids

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