Champions Of The Month

Angie Perez

A big shout out goes to Angie Perez, our newest member of the Circle of Champions! Angie is our Referral Specialist, but she does SO MUCH MORE than just handle the referrals! We get lots of positive feedback from case managers on both coasts about Angie.

“She always gets back to me right away.”

“She regularly updates me on my referrals.”

“She lets me know right away if there is no therapist available in that area. No other agency gives me that kind of service!” Just a few examples of what we hear all the time from case managers. They all know Angie and they all know she will take care of them. And happy case managers are happy customers!

So thank you Angie for being such a wonderful emissary for Circle of Friends!

A gift card for $125.00 is coming your way.

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