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At Circle of Friends Services, Inc., we believe that all individuals, both adults and children, can cope with traumatic life events and go on to lead productive lives with proper help and support. It is the goal of COFS to provide that help and support through trauma-focused mental health therapy provided by our skilled and caring professionals.

Individual/Family Therapy – As our work with each client begins, we assess what is the best path to bring the client and the family to permanency. Our therapists use a combination of individual and family therapy to address the changing needs of the family unit as they move along this path. Our therapists are Adoption Competent Trained and receive extensive training in treatment of trauma.

Infant Mental Health – Therapists specially trained in working with the Zero to Five population provide early intervention strategies for children and their caretakers. Research has proven that early intervention with this population is vital for secure attachment and healthy emotional growth and development.

Supervised Therapeutic Visitations – Visitation between children and caretakers following removal to foster care can be stressful. Our therapists mentor parents and children in a therapeutic setting to make visitation part of a healing experience.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments – All children sheltered in the state of Florida receive this comprehensive assessment as the initial step in planning for the child’s permanency. The child’s developmental, medical, educational and emotional needs are all assessed as a way to develop a meaningful plan for the child’s successful future.



Our Mission: To give all children and their families the hope of family stability, health and permanency, through the help of Circle of Friends Services.


Our Vision: To offer our help to all families and children in need following a traumatic event, by providing the highest quality of programmatic support and resources needed to achieve family safety and stability.


Our Values:

  • ♥ Safety for our Children
  • ♥ Family Stability
  • ♥ Integrity of Service
  • ♥ Excellence in all Programs


-Trauma-Based Individual/Family Therapy   -Adoption Competent Services   -Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments   -Supervised Visitation   -Clinical Consultation   -Program Development   -Training   & More!

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